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Graphene the 'Super Material'

Graphene captures your imagination because it possesses futuristic qualities. Graphene is a sustainable, ecologically friendly additive that will launch a new generation of construction materials for American roads, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, and schools.  Enhancing materials with 'Made in America Graphene' for higher strength and quality!

Graphene America

Graphene America is a USA Based Manufacturing Company.  Our mission is to produce low cost and high volume Graphene, manufactured in America.  Our goal is to lead the USA in Graphene manufacturing and additive integration, creating revolutionary infrastructure products.

Graphene Manufacturing

Graphene America is a high volume producer of Graphene, all made in the USA.  We are looking to supply your company with large scale Graphene Solutions.  We offer our technical assistance to help incorporate Graphene into your product line, with the intent to revolutionize your product and gain major market share in your industry.

Graphene America - Our Product Strategy

Introducing, Graphene America.  We sell Graphene, a new manufacturing material, suitable for your organization and its family of products.

Graphene is harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Graphene is the strongest known material.  Its high electron mobility is 100x faster than silicon; it conducts heat 2x better than diamond; its electrical conductivity is 13x better than copper.  Graphene was discovered in 2004 with a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Graphene America infuses our Graphene directly into the water, solvents, resins, and other essential ingredients.  We create a thick conductive Graphene slurry allowing  for easy integration into the manufacturing of your products.

Graphene America provides an unlimited supply of Graphene for our Partners to integrate into their product lines. We offer Research and Development sample sizes, per-production, high volume and onsite JIT Graphene Supply.

We work with the worlds largest organizations in multiple industries. We give scientists, inventors, and industry leaders the opportunity to work together, in order to provide our countries infrastructure with stronger, lighter, and less expensive materials.

We offer high volume low cost Graphene manufacturing. Our additive substantially increase strength and bonding, while reinforcing heat and electrical connectivity. Through advanced manufacturing, Graphene America delivers high-performance Graphene materials for integration into a wide range of industry applications.


Graphene America

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company, Graphene America. We sell Graphene, a new manufacturing material, suitable for your organization and its family of products.



We are an advanced materials company, developing and manufacturing electrically and thermally conductive Graphene Slurry.  We offer Graphene infused in Water, Solvent, Resins, etc. to allow easy integration into your product's manufacturing process.



We want to work with you and supply your manufacturing teams with unlimited Graphene solutions. Our goal is to support your R&D and production of your Graphene Infused Products.



We customize formulas into existing product lines, in order to redefine and launch a new era of the highest quality products ever made.





Our high strength conductive additives improve a wide variety of products. This eliminates defects that affect the strength and connectivity of your products. Our Graphene additive can be used in conjunction with modern manufacturing techniques and scaled up to reduce the cost of materials, labor, and storage. A low-cost additive with revolutionary results. The diversity of Graphene as a product enhancement material is revolutionary.



Industrial Grade 1-5um Graphene Aqueous Conductive Slurry. A two-dimensional atomic-scale material, that is made of a single to ten layers of carbon atoms. Our Graphene Nano Platelets are the backbone of this revolutionary new additive and admix product line.



A multi-purpose mixture designed to be an all-in-one solution for manufacturing projects. The results will resist moisture penetration, will minimize shrinkage, fight off cracks, and repel deterioration with this single additive. Its water resistance properties make it suitable for construction in areas that are hard to reach for maintenance, while the strength of the composite will make your product more resilient to future shocks and strains.



We established the Graphene Institute of America, current 7,000 sq. ft. Research and Development facility with a single goal, Graphene discovery, manufacturing, formula customization, product efficiencies and creating cost-savings solutions. Our dedicated team is creating products, testing, and filing patents. Our mission is to bring together Graphene scientists, inventors, industry experts, research test partners with industry leaders ando work together to usher in the Age of Graphene.

Incorporating customized formulas into existing product lines, redefining industries and launch a new era of the highest quality products ever seen. Early adopters will dominate these new markets.



High volume Aqueous Conductive Graphene Slurry based product lines. Low volume sample sizes are available for laboratory, testing and pre production runs.High volume supplies will be scaled to meet any volume requirements. We provide ‘customized formulas’ for each clients products, to insure maximum desired results. We offer on site or local manufacturing to all our clients manufacturing facilities, for qualifying clients.Low cost solutions for our all clients. Now every manufacturer can participate in the Graphene Age.

  • GREAT 

    Introduction and presentations for your staff to Graphene and how it can impact your product lines and industry. Supporting continued education as Graphene launches into new and exciting areas.


    Customized Graphene Formulas and Integration Research and Development to High Volume Production


    Graphene America wants to work with your R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing to supply unlimited Graphene solutions to support production of your Graphene Infused Products


Our Graphene Based Solutions substantially increase strength and bonding while reinforcing electrical connectivity, reduces cracking, moisture absorption, rust, gas permeability, and acid attacks for virtually all manufacturing materials.  Through advanced manufacturing, Graphene Americas solutions deliver high-performance Graphene nano materials for integration into a wide range of industry applications.

  • Composites

  • Films & Coatings

  • Plastic & Polymers

  • Concrete and Asphalt

  • Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

  • Paper and Cardboard

  • Lubricants

  • Rubber & Synthetics

  • Energy & Electronics