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Graphene Production

We sell Graphene, a new manufacturing material, suitable for your organization and its family of products.

Graphene Formulas

Graphene America is an advanced materials company, developing and manufacturing electrically and thermally conductive Graphene Slurries.

Graphene Manufacturing

Incorporating customized formulas into existing product lines, redefining industries, and launching a new era of the highest quality products ever seen. We can provide small sample sizes and up to high volume manufacturing requirements.

Graphene Research

We established the Graphene Institute of America, current 7,000 sq. ft. Research and Development facility. Graphene discovery, manufacturing, formula customization, product efficiencies, and creating cost-savings solutions is our priority. Our dedicated team is creating products, testing, and filing patents. Bringing together industry leaders with our Graphene scientists, inventors, industry experts, and test partners.

Graphene Clients

Industry leaders in 25 specific categories, targeting R&D, and high volume manufacturer clients.Clients work directly with our ‘Product Optimization’ team to maximize product results. Our goal is in creating new hybrid formulas that take advantage of Graphene's extreme properties. Working with our clients in finding the best Graphene solution to maximize efficiencies and achieve their goals.

Graphene Investors

Graphene America believes that the utilization of our Graphene products and incorporating them into existing manufacturing will revolutionize industries and launch a new era of the highest quality products man has ever created. Increased strength will allow better, stronger, safer, and less expensive roads, hospitals, schools, and buildings. This will ignite local manufacturing, insuring ‘Made in America’ revitalization.This opens investment opportunities for individuals, organizations, investment portfolios and others into Graphene. Call us today to discuss how we can work together and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.


Graphene America is a USA based manufacturing company specializing in Graphene Production. Our product line includes Single Layer Graphene and Commerical Grade - Single to Six Layer Graphene Slurry.

Our high-quality Graphene industrial conductive slurry is available in a water-based, solvent-based, alcohol-based and other customized Slurries.

Our High-Quality Graphene Solution Formula's are made from proprietary processes Graphene America created and utilizes in the Production of our Graphene Solutions.